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Am I ready to purchase my first home?

If you’re considering buying your first home, it’s important to assess your readiness to take on this significant financial responsibility. While owning a home can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, it’s also a major commitment that requires careful consideration and planning.

Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions First-Time Home Buyers Ask

How much can I afford to spend on a home?

You’ll quickly learn that your dream home and your budget are not always on the same page. Sure, that castle with the moat and drawbridge would be amazing, but can you afford it? Maybe someday, but probably not as your first home. It’s important to be realistic and know your limits. Be sure to take a look at your income, expenses, and any debts you may have. Having a copy of your W2 and other financial documents will help in the pre-approval process.

What is pre-approval?

This is the process of speaking with a mortgage lender. They will be a huge help in determining how much you can afford. Not to mention having pre-approval shows sellers that you’re serious about buying a home and have the money to do so.

When can I start house hunting?!

Yes, house hunting, is the best part of this entire process! Not only because you get to get a chance to get to know one of our fabulous agents, but also because this is where your Pinterest boards & HGTV obsessions come to life. Do be warned… what looks good in pictures may not look so good in real life. Seeing a home in person is key to knowing if it’s the one. However, we know that if you are relocating you may not have the ability to be in person. That is where we (an amazing team of real estate agents) come in! 

But do I really need a real estate agent?

Yes! A real estate agent can be a valuable resource for first-time homebuyers. They can help you navigate the market, find properties that meet your needs and budget, and negotiate on your behalf. Be sure to choose an agent who has experience working with first-time homebuyers and who understands your needs and priorities.

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