The Local Element Difference

Community Involvement

Here are The Local Element we love to get our Local Experts involved in events so that we can spend time together learning and growing and creating a community. Every other month, we choose to spend that time helping out in the communities we live in! 

We feel called to volunteer with different non-profit organizations. A lot of times we will choose a non-profit in housing to try and spread the word of how greatly these organizations can help people in our communities. 

Check out the video below to see how some of our volunteer opportunities go!

Local Marketing Plan

Marketing listings is a huge part of our job as real estate agents, which can actually be quite the adventure! To bring together what we already know about marketing a listing and also bringing a local aspect to the equation, we have made a system guide for our Local Experts to follow! 

This guide takes our agents from prepping a listing to using our R.E.A.L. Sales System after closing. A seamless transaction from start to finish in which our Local Experts can market this sale!

Protecting You

It is important to note that a huge part of working with a Local Expert is that you are protected in during the whole process. We have systems in place so you know that you can count on us to protect you at every step of this exciting journey!

Financing protections

Your ability to get a loan is protected in the financing section of the purchase agreement. So if you are not able to get a loan under the terms written in the contract (including it not appraising) you are able approach the seller to negotiate or walk away.


The purchase agreement allows for 10 days after acceptance for the buyer to conduct any and all inspections with any professionals they choose on the house. If health and safety issues are found that weren't seen during the initial showing you are able to approach the seller to negotiate or walk away.

Title insurance

The seller is responsible for providing clear title. That means no debts or requirements remaining on the home. Once you get a preliminary report of the history of title, you will have 3 days to review the results.

Well & Septic Systems

The seller is responsible for coordinating well and septic reports about contaminants, functionality, and required repairs for your review. Once received, you will have 3 days to review the results.


The newest version of the West Michigan Purchase Agreement allows for an additional 15 days after the noted close by date to meet any lender or title issues that may be delayed.


There is a special line in the West Michigan purchase agreement that both states the home must be in broom- clean condition AND you can add a per day penalty if possession isn't transferred on the agreed upon date.